Kate is determined to put her past behind her when she starts a renewable energy assignment in an Eastern Cape surfing village, St Francis Bay. Here Kate is faced with fears from her past, and locals protesting her project.

Between trying to prove that she was the right choice for the assignment and her panic attacks from her traumatised past; Kate meets Matthew, a handsome vet and surfer who is still grieving the death of his wife.

Shadow Flicker is a beautiful love story – one so well written that I didn’t want the book to end. Where I usually can’t wait to find out what will happen next, with this book, I paced myself because I wasn’t ready to let go of the characters. I don’t want to give anything away, trust me and read it.

All the characters in this book are well written and feel like people you know. You get lost between the characters and forget that you aren’t really in St Francis bay – living among the lives of these characters.

What I love most about Melissa’s writing, and it was the same in A Fractured land, her ability to describe the environment. She transports you to where she wants you to be. You can feel the sea breeze – smell the old farmhouse.

I loved Melissa’s writing when I read A Fractured land – but now I honestly think I am her biggest fan!


Maybe if

Maybe if I wore less makeup

Maybe if I wasn’t walking by myself

Maybe if I dressed a little more conservative

Maybe if I was more confident

Maybe if I shouted instead of cried

Maybe if I ran

Maybe if I stayed home




Maybe there should be no maybe.




From beyond

I dream that we walk hand in hand
We talk
I feel loved
I wonder if this is your way of telling me,
You yearned for that too.



When no one was watching, and everyone thought she was doing just fine.
He was the one who unclenched her fist, placing her hand in his and whispered…Breathe.


A Knight’s Tale

You tried to offer me a petal
While he was planting me a rose garden
You gave me what was left
While he gave me his life
You used me for your needs
While he was building me castles
You played on my insecurities to gain control
While he waited with arms wide open
You made me believe I was nothing more than ordinary
While he looked at me like I was nothing less than extraordinary
Why did it take a villain for me to realise I always had a Hero by my side?



Circle of life

Just as no one can prepare you for the love you will feel holding your child for the first time.

It’s the same with death, no one can prepare you for the emptiness it leaves, the devastation it creates.

It’s the circle of life; nothing prepares you for the beginning or end.


I never knew

I didn’t know I would miss you this much
I never expected the regret.
I assumed we had nothing left to say
but in truth, we never even started.

I was so busy dealing with your rejection,
I never understood the way you loved
Now all the answers surface…now when it’s too late.

I wish I knew,
while you were still here for me to say I love you too.
I wish I realised how much you cared,
while you were still here for me to show you that I cared for you too.

Now the misunderstandings seem so trivial.
Because no matter what we had,
it was still better than not having you at all.

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Back against the wall

She tried it your way,

but was left boundlessly within the echo of her pain.

So, she gets up once again, dusting off the hurt, collecting her armour.

Placing her back against the wall protecting her heart from any silly ideas.




2018 – A year of great joys and a tremendous loss

I reflected back on 2018 which felt like it went by in a blink of an eye. So much happened in the time of that blink though.

My greatest joy of 2018 was the birth of our third daughter, Jesse, what a joy she has been every single day. Her happiness is contagious! She reminds me to appreciate the small things, she brings me back to basics and the beauty in everyday simplicities. She is JOY in the purest form.

We’ve bought a unique family home, again a gift from God, and we are grateful for this blessing. We’ve only lived here for 2 months, but already memories were made. Children’s laughter from the garden, friends visiting, family sleepovers, Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, New years and I foresee countless memories being made through the years to come. This is HOME – by God’s grace.

William moved over to a new company, I’ve changed careers, back to full-time Mommy – again by God’s grace.

The lowest, not only for 2018 but one of the biggest heartbreaks I’ve had to encounter was my Dad’s passing. We saw him that day still, and I remember his smell and his last hug, I wish I knew it would have been the last hug, I would have held on a little longer, or maybe I wouldn’t have been able to let go at all. I wasn’t prepared for this type of grief, and people say time will heal, but I find myself falling deeper into the pain of losing him. Maybe I will still get to the healing stage, but at the moment the hurt is raw, painful, with a lot of regrets, a lot of “what if’s”. The blow sometimes cripples me, a pain I was never prepared for and now a pain that I have to conquer, and I try, by holding onto God – He makes my bruised heart and soul bearable as I journey on the path of healing. If I could talk to my Dad one more time, I will tell him I loved him through it all, and I know now he loved me too. I would say I am sorry I was afraid all the time, I would say I am proud to be his, I would say, it’s ok, I would say, Rest In Peace Pappa, please Rest In Peace – you deserve the peace by Jesus, no more hurting, no more stress, just peace by our Lord Saviour.

I am forever grateful that my Dad got to meet Jesse and their souls touched for brief period in time.

2019 – I think I am ready for you – I don’t fear you any more because I know the Author who wrote you and I know He will never let go of me (us)


More intimate time in God’s word and presence
Show my Husband how much I love him
Be more present in my children’s lives. Jade, Logan and Jesse are my silver linings to every cloudy day, I want to return the favour.
Less stressed Wife and Mom ( I cause 90% of my own stress – going to really try work on that)
Be more environmentally conscious
Try to be more healthy (I’m not going to lie, this is really hard for me)
Write – my writing has taken a back seat since I found out I was pregnant with Jesse and that’s ok too – seasons and all, but I feel the strong pull inside me, the bottled up words need to be laid down on paper. This will circle back to two of the goals as mentioned earlier too – Less stress and heal. I am excited!

May 2019 be all you wish it to be and may you linger in the presence of God daily and through each journey 2019 takes you on.

Be blessed.


They share the same joy of life
They share the same joy of life
Their souls touched